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The Decked Out Pantry: Creative Design Tips

Organized storage is an essential building block of all interior design, but it’s perhaps most vital in kitchen planning. No other room in your home requires near constant venturing back and forth between spaces. Kitchens are a busy, nonstop mix of all sorts of tasks, from cooking to hosting to homework – every aspect of family life takes place in them. The downside to all of this action is if your kitchen’s functional areas aren’t up to par, things start to feel crowded and inconvenient real quick!

Obviously, a smart layout and quality cabinetry are both huge parts of the equation, but we’d advise you not to overlook the power of an efficient, decked out kitchen pantry.  An orderly pantry is your secret weapon; it’s the behind the scenes element that holds everything together! Whether your preference is a separate walk-in space or more integrated pull out drawers, we do have some basic tips and tricks for creating the perfect kitchen pantry.

Prioritize Eye Level Space. When deciding what to put where give eye level shelves the highest premium; they’re what you see and gravitate towards most prominently. Save that space for everyday staples, frequently used cookware or your favorite healthy snacks!

Add Special Spice Storage. One of our favorite rising pantry trends? Customized spice rack storage. Whether you store them right next to the stovetop or in your walk-in pantry; we love them all. We can think of few modern kitchen upgrades that are more convenient or handy!

The More Containers, the Better. Another key to maintaining a pleasant pantry? Containers – you can never have enough containers! It’s so easy to lose things or give in to disorganization when everything is simply piled together on shelves. Differently labeled containers help bring some method to the madness.

Organize Items by Use. Finally, as you’re setting up or remodeling your pantry, take the time to assign your items their homes based on how you use them. Store similar ingredients together, separate cookware into groups and keep small appliances in easy-access areas. Working smarter instead of harder is half of the battle when it comes to kitchen and pantry efficiency!