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Media Room Makeover

The media room serves as the perfect multipurpose family wide relaxation vacation.  Unlike the home theater, which is typically outfitted to replicate a cinema experience, the media room is a more relaxed and versatile space.  The perfect use for an unfinished basement, an empty attic, or a spare bedroom, a media room may be just what your family needs to get their game on!  What are today’s media rooms made of? Flexible Seating & Space: Because a media room is designed to have many uses, the ideal seating is flexible and portable. Typical media room seating includes conversational arrangements that can …Read More

Fireplace Mantels

A well decorated mantel can serve as a stunning focal point in any room.  Check out these inspiring mantel decorating ideas!   Make Color Pop: Your fireplace mantel is a great place to feature your favorite color.  Use a collection of colored vases or a monochromatic piece of artwork to showcase the shade you love.  Colors pop particularly well off of otherwise neutral walls and backdrops.  Or, try for contrast instead of cohesion, and paint your mantel and the wall above it in a solid color that contrasts with the rest of the room. Decal Decor: For a modern and …Read More

Homecare – 52 Years In The Making!

Happy New Year! This year we were particularly excited to ring in the new year as 2012 marks our fifty-second year of operation.  In honor of our birthday, we decided to take a look down memory lane at what was happening in the year of our founding – 1960.   In 1960… Elvis returned home from Germany after being away on duty for the previous two years. The 1960 Summer Olympic Games began in Rome, Italy.  The US Men’s national basketball team would go on to capture their fifth straight Olympic Gold medal. The average cost of a new home was …Read More

New Year’s Resolution: Eliminate Home Clutter!

This New Year’s resolve to eliminate home clutter!  Check out these storage solutions to reduce clutter in each room of your home:   In The Office: To help keep your office organized and all of your family’s important documents within arms reach, consider installing one wall of open shelving.  Not only will open shelves (as opposed to cupboards or file cabinets) encourage you to keep your files tidy, materials will also be easily visible and accessible.  Does the thought of leaving your office supplies out in the open make you cringe?  Organize with containers or consider adding fabric panels to …Read More

Holiday Happenings Around Town

With snow just barely on the ground, it is hard to believe that the holidays are less than two weeks away!  If you need some help finding your holiday spirit this year, check out one of these area events. Holidazzle Parade: The Minneapolis Holidazzle parade, now celebrating its twentieth year, has become a holiday tradition for many Minnesota families. Taking place on Nicollet Mall from 12th Street – 4th Street, this annual parade features fully lighted floats, familiar storybook characters, and holiday music. Free and open to the public, the parade runs Thursdays – Sundays, from November 25 – December …Read More

Kitchen Lighting Options

If your Thanksgiving feast is anything like ours, we’re guessing that you are going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen in the weeks to come.  With that in mind, you may be thinking a bit more about kitchen remodeling projects and possible upgrades.  Before you get too far along in your mental room revisions, we’d like to take a few minutes to shed a little light on an often overlooked remodeling featuring – lighting!  More often than not, lighting is one of the last parts of a project to be considered and one of the first …Read More

Aging In Place: Kitchens

In our last post we discussed home modifications that can be made to help homeowners age in place, specifically in the bathroom.  This week we’ll turn our attention to another much frequented space in the house – the kitchen.  Consider a few of the following changes to help older adults live comfortably in their home as they age.   Cabinet Modifications: Make base cabinets more accessible by replacing standard shelves with roll-out trays.  Corner cabinets can also be outfitted with a lazy susan or other rotating component, making hard to reach areas accessible without wear and tear on your knees …Read More

Aging In Place: Bathrooms

As the American population ages, homeowners are increasingly interested in remodeling modifications that can help them stay in their homes longer – or age in place.  One of the first rooms to consider when remodeling your home for added age adaptability is the bathroom.  Some of these simple adaptations can increase a home’s safety and livability for older residents for years to come.   Add A Railing: According to the Center For Disease Control, falls are the leading cause of death for seniors ages 65 and older.  To help prevent bathroom stumbles, add grab bars to your shower stall, bath …Read More

Homes That Haunt

With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the things that haunt our houses.  While creaking floors and self-closing doors may give us the jitters, more often than not house haunting can be traced back to a fairly mundane source.  So before you call in the ghost hunters, we’ll try to get to the bottom of the things that go bump in the night…in your home! House Haunting One: Banging, Creaking, Skittering Or Scratching Noises Common Cause: Pipes: If you have an older home, fluctuations in water pressure within your radiator can result in …Read More

Brighten Your Bathroom

In our last post we discussed home remodeling projects that may have the added benefit of increasing your property’s resale value.  One such project included bathroom remodels or additions.  However, an often overlooked, but key element of any remodel is the lighting.  In no room in the house is this more important than in the bathroom – the one room in the house where lighting needs to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.  When it comes time to refurbish your bathroom, brighten your space with one of these lighting tips.   Consider Your Angle: Before you begin lighting your space, you’ll …Read More