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Project Feature: Minneapolis Kitchen & Bathroom Transformation

We’re so excited to finally share the details of this project we completed recently in Minneapolis, Minnesota. No strangers to remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and everything in between, this kitchen and bath remodel was a little different for our team! The home is in an old apartment building that was converted into condos. The homeowner was ready to ditch the apartment feeling and give their home a fresh look. The remodel focused on updating both the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen’s footprint may be small, but it’s very functional thanks to an abundance of new white upper and lower cabinets. Gold …Read More

Year in Review: Reflecting on 2019

The holiday season is approaching, and there’s no denying a brand-new year is just around the corner. Though 2019 seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, it’s safe to say it was chock full of many amazing projects, people, and moments. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients, trade partners, and team for making 2019 a success! Scroll below for a few of our favorite highlights from the past year. Focusing on Energy-Efficiency in 2019 Sustainability and environmentally-friendly homes have become a hot topic in recent years. Making your home more energy-efficient not only benefits the environment …Read More

Project Feature: Double Bathroom Refresh

It goes without saying that every homeowner has a different reason for remodeling. Whether it’s to improve the flow and functionality of their space or just updating the design, the Homecare Inc team is happy to take on any challenge! For this homeowner, it was all about as refreshing the style of their townhome bathrooms; the project included remodeling, not one, but two, bathrooms in this Bloomington home. The master bathroom was a decent size but the homeowner wanted to update it according to today’s current design trends. To start, we expanded the shower and created a custom, walk-in tile …Read More

Easy Home Painting Tips

In last week’s post we discussed ways to use paint colors effectively in your home.  This week, we want to help you put your new found knowledge to use with some easy home painting tips.  Follow these steps to make your next home painting project a breeze!   Choose The Right Tools: The right tools can be the difference between a professional looking paint job and an obviously amateur project.  Start by purchasing a shed-resistant, woven roller that will leave a lint-free finish behind as you paint.  If the area that you will be painting has a lot of large, unbroken …Read More

Using Paint Color Effectively

The color that you paint your space can easily make or break a room.   Choose the right color and your paint will highlight your space’s attributes and reflect your personality.  Select the wrong color and your room will appear overwhelmed, shadowy, or just plain dull.  With the stakes as high as these and the number of options nearly endless, paint can seem like a daunting decision.  However, we have a few helpful hints to make your decision a bit easier: Sample Surplus: You can never have too many paint samples!  The best made color decisions come after plenty of thoughtful …Read More

Ceramic Versus Porcelain Tile Floors

Last week we talked about a great flooring option – heated bathroom floors.  Today we would like to discuss another popular flooring material – tile.  One of our most frequently asked customer questions regarding tile flooring is, “What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile?”  We’ll look at both options and help you determine which is the best fit for you!   Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tile is composed of a mixture of clay and other natural materials.  The desired clays are mined before being shaped, colored, and fired in a kiln. Ceramic tile can be left naturally colored and unglazed …Read More

Heated Bathroom Floors

There are few things we like more than a warm shower on a cold, Minnesota winter morning.  Yet nothing can snap us from our warm retreat and back to reality faster than stepping out of our shower and onto a cold and uninviting bathroom floor.  Luckily, modern technology has created the perfect solution – heated floors!  Because a variety of flooring materials lend themselves well to warming, heated floors are perfect for both new construction and for bathrooms in need of a retrofitted upgrade.  However, before you undertake a flooring project, you will need to understand a bit more about …Read More

Preparing For Your Home Bar

Last week we discussed how to prepare for a home wine cellar.  Not wanting to leave our beer and spirits drinkers in the lurch, we are dedicating this week’s post to the home wet bar.  As with the wine cellar, when preparing for your home wet bar there are several factors to keep in mind, including:   Materials: One of the first decisions that you will need to make and one of the choices that can most heavily impact your budget is that of materials.  While mahogany is considered the most classic of bar building options, it is also one …Read More

Preparing for a Home Wine Cellar

Whether you are a wine enthusiast, an amateur sommelier, or a spirited home entertainer, a wine cellar makes an excellent addition to any home. However, this fun project is a significant undertaking and not one to be taken lightly. When preparing for your home wine cellar there are several factors to keep in mind, including:   Finding The Sweet Spot: The most important element of a wine cellar is the room’s climate. The ideal wine cellar should be between 55 – 58° F and between 55 – 75% humidity. With this in mind, your room will need a cooling system …Read More

What Is NARI?

Today we want to talk about an organization that is very near and dear to our heart, as well as a vital resource to any homeowner considering a remodel. NARI, or the National Association of The Remodeling Industry, exists to advance and promote the remodeling industry’s professionalism. NARI was established in 1983, as the result of a merger between two existing organizations – the National Remodelers Association and the National Home Improvement Council – and we are proud to say that Steve was one of NARI’s eleven original charter members! Today NARI includes 58 chapters nationwide.   One of NARI’s …Read More