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Year in Review: Reflecting on 2019

The holiday season is approaching, and there’s no denying a brand-new year is just around the corner. Though 2019 seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, it’s safe to say it was chock full of many amazing projects, people, and moments. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients, trade partners, and team for making 2019 a success! Scroll below for a few of our favorite highlights from the past year. Focusing on Energy-Efficiency in 2019 Sustainability and environmentally-friendly homes have become a hot topic in recent years. Making your home more energy-efficient not only benefits the environment …Read More

Entertainment Rooms: Entertain the Possibility

We do a lot of things in our homes, but the main activities generally fall under the four categories of sleep, eat, work, and play. We have bedrooms for sleeping, kitchens for eating, offices and bathrooms for working, but often times we don’t have rooms reserved specifically for play. Sure, the living room tends to serve that purpose just fine, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a space that’s every feature is intentionally designed to encourage relaxing, having fun, and enjoying the company of your friends and family? Many people have already figured out just how much an entertainment …Read More