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Spicing Up Your Kitchen

Looking to turn up the heat in your kitchen but just don’t know where to start? There are so many outdated kitchens that need a facelift. First, refreshing the cabinets with a new stain or paint will give the kitchen a completely new and updated look.

Adding new hardware to cabinets is also a cheap and effective way to update a kitchen. Starting with streamline metal handles juxtapose a modern look while half-moon pulls can give it a rustic charm. The finish of the hardware can give a different appeal. For example, a brushed nickel finish will give more of the chic modern look verses a bronzed finish that will warm up the cabinets. So many choices lead to a variety of different looks. That is why updating your home can be so much fun!

Creating an activity zone will allow your kitchen to meet all your needs to become a successful working and entertaining zone. Having a buffet table or center island is a perfect place for an activity zone. Making sure the surface is made out of strong material like granite or tile will ensure the durability to work with every family.

Last but never least, lighting…lighting creates the mood for every room in your home. Pendant and recess lighting (with dimmers) would be an option to give that warm apple pie glow in your new spiced up kitchen. Check out our gallery to get more ideas and inspirations for your kitchen.

 Check out our gallery to get more ideas and inspirations for your kitchen