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Should I Remodel or Move?

With shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop sweeping the nation, it’s no surprise homeowners are experiencing house envy like never before. Before you know it, you’ll start to channel some major Love It or List it vibes. When it comes to deciding whether to remodel your existing home or move, weighing the pros and cons will help you decide what is the right choice for you and your family. The Pros of Moving Moving gives you the chance to find a new home in a location you love. Maybe you’re not happy with the way the neighborhood has …Read More

2019 Bathroom Trends

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most common projects we help our clients take on. While a lot of bathroom renovating is about balancing form and function, there’s always room for playing with trends. As more and more of our clients create their dream master bathrooms, we’ve seen different styles come and go. However, as we look toward 2019, we thought we’d share the timeless bathroom trends that we believe are here to stay. Read them all below! Freestanding Tubs Statement piece soaking tubs have been a force in bathroom design for a while now, and they aren’t going anywhere. …Read More

Making Merry: 5 Stress-Free Holiday Hosting Tips

The holiday season is here, which means many of us are preparing to host gatherings with family and friends. While all this merry-making is fun, it can also cause a lot of stress. November through January is a packed time for most of us, but that busyness doesn’t have to rob us of making memories with the people we love. So how do you host the holidays with less stress? Read on below for our five tips! 1. Be Realistic Another way to say this, set realistic expectations. No one is perfect, and neither are our homes! Take comfort in this …Read More

What’s Your Home Office Style? | Remodeling

Working from home has become a normal part of modern office culture. This increase in flexibility has a lot of benefits; parents can arrange their schedules around childcare needs, people are freer to work in atmospheres that suit them, and companies save more on office expenses. One hitch in the home office plan, though? Not everyone’s home is equipped for domestic bliss and conference calls! This begs the question, do you know your home office style? What working arrangement best fits your home’s layout and your professional needs? If you’re scratching your head at the questions above, we’ve pulled together a …Read More

2019 Kitchen Design Trends

When it comes to remodeling, kitchens are often at the top of the list. With so much time spent in the kitchen, homeowners want to create a design that’s not only beautiful but functional. In recent years, kitchen designs have gravitated toward the classic bright, white look. While we love this neutral design, 2019 holds some fun and unexpected trends we can’t wait to incorporate into our designs. Check them out below. Dark Hued Cabinets Homeowners are ditching neutral kitchens and opting for dark-hued cabinets in blue, black, and olive tones. The overall vibe is a chic mix of moody …Read More

Remodeling Questions: DIY or Don’t?

Making your list and checking it twice this time of year? No, we’re not alluding to Christmas gifts – we’re talking about your home projects wish-list. Whether it’s a mental list of someday dream projects or a real one of necessary home improvements, you might be wondering, can I do any of these things myself? Between magazines, blogs, Houzz, Pinterest, and renovation shows, it’s tempting to think any project is DIY-able. However, we aren’t all Chip or Joanna Gaines. Some of us really shouldn’t be tearing down walls, rewiring light fixtures, or installing kitchen cabinets! So, how do you know which …Read More

Fall-Friendly Hosting Spaces: 5 Ideas

Now that the weather is cooling off and fall is here in earnest, it’s time to start hosting indoors once again. If summer is all about backyard bonfires and barbeques, then fall is for lively dinner parties and cozy evenings by the fire. This begs the question, is your home fall (or even winter) entertaining ready? Being unhappy with your home can be a real turnoff for fall and winter hosting. Whether’s it’s a lackluster layout, small space, or just a dated design, no one wants to welcome people into their frustrating home. If any of the descriptions above sound …Read More

5 Favorite Bathroom Design Trends of 2018

If there’s one thing we always contend with during remodels, it’s the role of trends. Whether the latest design fads interest you or not, finding your personal style is necessary for any major home project. Your remodeler or contractor will guide you through their process. However, deciding what you like is ultimately still your job. So, how do you decipher your kitchen, living room, or bathroom style? There are a lot of simple ways to get started; we recommend doing a little good old-fashioned research! You might begin by browsing magazines, showrooms, Houzz, Pinterest, or blogs like our own. If …Read More

Customized Kitchens: Our Favorite Upgrades

One of the most common spaces we remodel is the kitchen. Far from cookie-cutter anymore, kitchens have become the center of the home. Long gone are the days of closed off kitchens that guests don’t dare visit! As open concept floor plans rose in popularity, dining rooms and kitchens were integrated with the family room. Besides becoming less formal, this shift towards lived-in kitchens means that people want to customize their cooking space. Whether it’s a serious home chef, the neighborhood hangout host, or the queen of Christmas dinner – our client’s crave kitchens that rise to the occasion. From …Read More

Building a Legacy: 45 Years in Business

Did you know that Homecare Inc is a family-owned business? Not even just that, but also a family legacy? Founded in 1960 by Stanley Earl, Homecare’s primary focus has always been residential remodeling, with the occasional commercial project mixed in as they came up. Stanley managed building and construction, and his wife served as his company bookkeeper. Their son, Steve, grew up alongside the business and learned countless lessons from watching his parents work. After graduating from Southwest High School in Minneapolis, Steve attended the U of M for college to pursue a career in Corporate Advertising. Upon receiving his undergraduate degree, …Read More