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New Year’s Resolution: Eliminate Home Clutter!

This New Year’s resolve to eliminate home clutter!  Check out these storage solutions to reduce clutter in each room of your home:


In The Office:

To help keep your office organized and all of your family’s important documents within arms reach, consider installing one wall of open shelving.  Not only will open shelves (as opposed to cupboards or file cabinets) encourage you to keep your files tidy, materials will also be easily visible and accessible.  Does the thought of leaving your office supplies out in the open make you cringe?  Organize with containers or consider adding fabric panels to your shelves to help conceal clutter.


Do you lack an office altogether?  For homes short on office workspaces, think about commandeering a closet for a work area all your own.  Remove shelves to make room for your files, supplies, and computer equipment.  Use a rolling stool that can easily be
utilized for seating when the closet is open and tucked away when not in use.  Keep you storage space hidden behind closed doors when your work is done!


In The Kitchen:

Keep your counter clear of clutter by storing items off of the counter whenever possible.  For example, replace a countertop knife block with a magnetic strip mounted to a backsplash to hold knives and other regularly used utensils.


If you need additional storage to help clear your counters, make use of the toe-kick – the space between your cabinets and the floor.  A shallow drawer installed in this unused space can maximize your kitchen’s storage capacity!


In The Bathroom:

Are you sick of picking up damp towels off of the bathroom floor?  Place a slender coat rack in the
bathroom corner to hang and dry towels and other items.  This space-saving solution will take up minimal room and eliminate floor clutter.  Or to truly maximize storage space, install a second medicine cabinet by recessing the additional unit into the bathroom wall between the studs.

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