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Home Design Tips For Your Mudroom


Nothing is more overwhelming than being met by chaos the moment you walk in the door.  Ease your transition into your home by creating a welcoming and well-organized mudroom.  Here are our tips for the perfect entry solution:

Custom Cabinetry: The most successful homes are those in which there is a place for everything, and it all starts the moment you walk in the door.  Make the most use of whatever limited space you have available by opting to have custom cabinets designed and installed.  Use custom cabinets to create locker-like nooks for each member of the family.  The ideal cabinets will take advantage for horizontal space and provide a place to hang coats and coverups, a cubby for a favorite pair of shoes and overhead storage for seasonal items like hats, mittens, or umbrellas.

Thoughtful Flooring: Because mudrooms can often live up to their namesake and become, well, muddy, elect for an easy to clean flooring option like ceramic tile.

Have A Seat: Install a bench or stool, perfect for taking a seat on to pull off boats or lace-up sneakers.  Select one that can serve double duty as a storage unit to gain even more space to stash additional outerwear or key sports or extracurricular supplies that you may need as you are running out the door.  For example, this may be the perfect new home for your son’s baseball glove or your daughter’s soccer gear.

Wash Up: If space allows, consider installing a sturdy wash sink right in your mudroom to allow family members to wash-up before they come into the house.

Pet Palace: Because of its easy cleanup and versatile use, mudrooms are often a great place for litter boxes or food and water dishes for your pets.  Leave a portion of your under counter area open for placement of these pet items or choose another nook out of high-traffic areas.

Are you ready to redesign your mudroom?  Contact us today to discuss your renovation!