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Getting Outside: 7 Spring Home Projects

The snow is melting away, the temperature is warming, and we dare say spring is making its long-awaited debut. Us Minnesotans are no strangers to fickle weather, so we’re ready to live it up outside when beautiful days arrive. However, there’s some business that needs to be taken care of before our care-free days of BBQs, bonfires, and backyard fun.

The bright side? If you finish off your outdoor chores in the spring, you’ll be good to go once summer hits! After all, who doesn’t dream all year of a stunning Minnesota summer? Read on below for our list of essential chores to tackle in the early spring.

1. Yard and Landscaping Cleanup
After the snow finishes melting, it’s the ideal time to do a general scan of your yard and landscaping. Clean up any debris winter or fall may have left behind, and get things ready for new growth again.

2. Pavement Inspection
Winter’s freeze takes a toll on your driveway and any other paths or pavement. Check now for any significant cracks, chips or other damage that hinder your home’s curb appeal and could be dangerous for pedestrians.

3. Gutter Check
Your gutters go through a lot as the season’s change. From leaves to snow to rain, they’re constantly working to keep your house safe from the elements. Do yourself a favor and make sure they’re still in working order before April showers arrive.

4. Wash Windows
Spring is all about opening the windows and letting in the breeze! However, before all that fresh air, your windows probably need a little love. Scrub away winter’s stains, repair any screens, and you’ll be good to go all summer long.

5. Deck or Fence Refresh
Your fence, deck, porch or other outdoor wood expands and shrinks as the weather changes. It needs to be repaired, restained, or resealed every one or two years. Take care of it now, so it looks its best once you start hosting those summer barbeques.

6. Pipe and Irrigation Scan
Before you attach hoses again or run your in-ground sprinkler system, do a quick scan to ensure everything’s in working order. Repair any broken sprinkler heads yourself, but call a plumber or your system installer to fix any faulty water lines.

7. Equipment Care
You probably don’t need to mow the lawn or trim the hedges yet, but it’ll be time before you know it! Bring your equipment in for its yearly tune-up in the early spring, so can get mowing once the grass begins to grow.

Have a bigger spring project in mind? Give us a call if you’re ready to remodel, replace windows or doors, or finally start planning that new deck or home addition!