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Fireplace Mantels

A well decorated mantel can serve as a stunning focal point in any room.  Check out these inspiring mantel decorating ideas!


  • Make Color Pop: Your fireplace mantel is a great place to feature your favorite color.  Use a collection of colored vases or a monochromatic piece of artwork to showcase the shade you love.  Colors pop particularly well off of otherwise neutral walls and backdrops.  Or, try for contrast instead of cohesion, and paint your mantel and the wall above it in a solid color that contrasts with the rest of the room.
  • Decal Decor: For a modern and budget-friendly update, consider using a decal above your mantel to add visual interest.  Available in masterpiece-worthy designs, quotes or custom art, decals are simple to apply and easy to trade-out if your design aesthetic changes.
  • One Piece Wonder: Allow your mantel to showcase a single statement piece.  Do you have a great piece of art or a favorite family portrait?  Feature it by centering it above your mantel, without additional focal points to detract from it.  However, be conscious of the size of your statement piece to ensure it fits over your mantel.  Does one piece of art seem a bit too bare?  Dress up your space a bit more with a pair of simple candlesticks, sconces, or modern vases.
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