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Easy Home Painting Tips

In last week’s post we discussed ways to use paint colors effectively in your home.  This week, we want to help you put your new found knowledge to use with some easy home painting tips.  Follow these steps to make your next home painting project a breeze!


Choose The Right Tools: The right tools can be the difference between a professional looking paint job and an obviously amateur project.  Start by purchasing a shed-resistant, woven roller that will leave a lint-free finish behind as you paint.  If the area that you will be painting has a lot of large, unbroken walls and ceilings, it may also be worthwhile to purchase an extra large 18-inch-wide roller.


Protect Your Space: Skip the hassle of drop cloths and purchase a large roll of heavy masking or rosin paper from your local home supply store.  When you are ready to paint, simply roll the paper out, leaving enough room between the roll and the wall to allow for taping.  Tape the paper into place.  When you are done with your project, simply toss the roll away.


Prepare Your Room For Painting: Wash all the walls that you plan to paint in advance with a solution of detergent and warm water.  Sand down any pronounced ridges or edges and fill any large gouges with spackle.  Unscrew and remove the cover plates from all electrical fixtures and set them aside. Cover the fixtures with tape.


Plan To Prime: Most painting projects will take three coats – one coat of primer and two coats of paint.  Always plan on using primer on patched and unpainted surfaces as raw surfaces will absorb too much paint.


With this preparation in place, you are ready to begin transforming your space!

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