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Brighten Your Bathroom

In our last post we discussed home remodeling projects that may have the added benefit of increasing your property’s resale value.  One such project included bathroom remodels or additions.  However, an often overlooked, but key element of any remodel is the lighting.  In no room in the house is this more important than in the bathroom – the one room in the house where lighting needs to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.  When it comes time to refurbish your bathroom, brighten your space with one of these lighting tips.  

Consider Your Angle: Before you begin lighting your space, you’ll need to decide what your main goal is.  For example, are you looking for the lowest maintenance light bulb and a reduction in your energy costs?  If so, halogen or fluorescent lights may be the best fit for you – not only are they more energy efficient, they also last longer, lengthening the time between light bulb changes.  On the other hand, if you are looking for dramatic or romantic lighting, dimmer switches that will allow you to customize your light level to meet varying needs may work great for your space.  What you want from your bathroom will greatly impact your lighting choices.

Placement Plans: Lighting placement has become more versatile than ever.  The harsh overhead lighting of yesteryear is no longer your only illumination option.  To the contrary, today’s lighting selection includes vanity lighting, shower lighting, or even combination exhaust/lighting units.  For a more interchangeable and decorative look consider a sconce or table lamp.  If you do want overhead lighting, opt for ceiling lamps, track lighting, or recessed options that provide a softer and more flattering ambient effect.

Hide The Hardware: As long as a remodel is underway, consider hiding your bathroom’s lighting hardware.  Install electrical outlets in cabinets or other out of the way nooks leaving your tile and walls clear of added clutter.  Add an extra light switch in a convenient yet inconspicuous location for greater convenience during nighttime visits. 

For more information on bathroom remodeling or renovation, or to learn more about your lighting options contact Homecare Inc.

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