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Backyard Living: Preparing a Fun-Loving Yard for the Summer Season! | Outdoor Decor, Dining, and Entertaining Tips Twin Cities MN

Spring is here!  Phew!  Now is the perfect time to prep your yard for all of the amazing moments you’ll spend in it this summer.  Here are some creative outdoor living tips to make the most out of your backyard this summer season: Make it grill-friendly.  Make sure you have a flat space for grill storage and use.  Put in a mini concrete patio if need-be, just for this seasonal activity — you won’t regret it!  If you want to take things to the next level, create an entire grill station!  Take a look at some amazing grill patios found on …Read More

5 Creative Ideas to Spice Up Your Family-Friendly Living Room | Remodeling Company Bloomington MN

Sometimes you just need to spice things up.  In the living room that is.  The living room (and family room) are where you go to hang out, play games, watch movies with the kids, enjoy time with friends. Whether you’re remodeling, redecorating, or just need to go a little crazy with something new in your home, here are 5 outside-the-box ideas for adding a little dose of flair to your living room. 1. Map It.  Globes are always a fascinating feature, but why not take things to the next level.  Add a giant world map to the wall (painted, decal, …Read More

3 Reasons to Include a Kitchen Island in Your Kitchen Renovation | Kitchen Remodeler and Contractor Bloomington MN

Kitchen islands are both beautiful and versatile.  And more practical than ever.  Whether your kitchen only has space for a kitchen cart, or you’re making room for an oversized built-in, here are three reasons every kitchen should consider adding the oasis of an island to their kitchen: 1. A Versatile Surface Kitchen Prep & Storage: Countertop space is a coveted asset, whether covered in stunning granite or rustic butcher block.  Whether your coffee pot needs a home outside the cupboard or you just need more dinner prep space, extra countertop surface is sure to be a valuable resource. Entertaining: When …Read More

5 Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2015  |  Kitchen Remodeling Bloomington MN

Toying with the idea of revamping your kitchen, but not quite sure what you’d do with it?  Here are 5 top kitchen remodel trends that are supposed to rock the remodeling world this year.  Are they for you?  Get that wish list out — you just might want to start taking notes: 1. Furniture Style Kitchen Pieces — As the kitchen has been evolving into more and more of a home-base space, kitchen design has been evolving with it: less utilitarian and more an extension of the rest of the home.  Using kitchen pieces that feature a furniture-look is one way to do this.  Choosing …Read More

Dreaming About a New Home Space for the New Year?  How to Prepare for a Potential Remodel  |  Bloomington MN Contractor & Remodeler

If you’ve started the new year by dreaming big about the ways your home can be more organized, have a more efficient traffic flow, or be updated with a look that’s all you, that’s great!  Getting excited about the amazing potential your home has to offer is the perfect starting point. But dreaming of that new kitchen, bathroom, or finished basement is one thing, and starting the to-do list is another!  To bridge the gap between your ideas and the project actually moving forward, means there’s a few steps in between you should jump on now as you decide: 1) …Read More

Merry Christmas & Wishing You A Wonderful New Year Ahead! | Homecare Inc Remodeling Bloomington, MN

What a beautiful time of year!  A big thank you to all of our clients, friends, and family who have made this a wonderful year here at Homecare.  We are so grateful to do what we love in a community we care about! Wishing you all an amazing holiday season and lots of excitement as we look forward to a new year ahead. ~Steve and the Homecare Inc team

Designing a Welcoming Basement Space: Basement Remodeling & Finishing |  Bloomington MN Basement Remodeler

Too often when homeowners remodel their basement, they think of it as a whole different space.  But the basement is an extension of your home, and one you’ll be spending a lot of time in once it’s finished!  So rather than disregard it as less important than the rest of your home, select quality materials, finishings, and decor that compliment the rest of your home and add value. Whether you’re finishing an empty basement, or remodeling the space you have, here are some great tips on designing a welcoming, cozy basement:  Create an open floor plan.  Basements can often feel …Read More

The Guest Bathroom: Adding, Updating, or Reorganizing a Welcoming Extra Bathroom for Your Home |  Bloomington Bathroom Remodeler

Whether you need an additional bathroom space or just want to freshen up the space you have (by remodeling or reorganizing), here are some great tips for making your guest bathroom welcoming and useful for your own family and visitors to come! Layout: If you’re considering adding a new bathroom to your home, consult a designer to decide where it will fit best and how it should be laid out.  Ideally a guest bathroom should be placed as near to the guest bedroom as possible, if not attached, while also being accessible to your own family when needed.  Your guests …Read More

Remodel Decision Making: Are Recessed Lights Right for Your Home? | Pros and Cons of Recessed Lighting

When you’re planning a remodeling project, your first thoughts might be on layouts and paint colors.  But deciding which type of lighting you want to use in your home will have a big effect on the overall look and feel of the space!  So is including recessed lighting a good fit for your home remodeling project?  Let’s see! Recessed lighting provides a simple, uncluttered look that can be used in almost any room.  Popular in hallways, entryways, or bathrooms, recessed lights are also making their way into kitchens and living areas.  Tucked into the ceiling, rather than installed against it, …Read More

It’s Back to School Season: Is Your Mudroom or Entryway Prepared? | Creating A Family-Friendly Entryway or Mudroom

The back to school buzz is everywhere… you can feel it in the air.  If you’re a family with school aged kids, then heading back to school brings a lot more than new pencils and shoes — it brings a whole new routine to life.  Is your entryway prepared? Whether or not you have a designated mudroom space, your entryway probably does double-duty as a place that welcomes feet and gathers stuff.  Getting it as organized as possible is in your best interest for family serenity, and can provide a warm welcome whenever you take that first step inside the …Read More