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Best Bathroom Design Trends

As interior design practices evolve, some rooms seem more subject to fads than others. Often approached with a more utilitarian mindset, bathrooms can be left behind during remodels. After withstanding decades of bland style, bathrooms are finally getting in on the fun! Larger interior trends are popping up more in bathrooms; creating playful spaces filled with personality. Does your bathroom need a little new life breathed into it? There are endless ways to make a design impression! However, in an attempt to not overwhelm you with information, we’ve pulled together our top 5 favorite recent bathroom trends. Any of these ideas are sure …Read More

What Makes NARI a Great Resource?

If you’re new to the remodeling world, then negotiating its ins and outs can feel like a daunting task! Certainly, an expert contractor can guide you through the complex terrain of home improvement projects. However, there are plenty of steps you can take to arm yourself with helpful information before ever meeting with a certified professional. One fantastic resource that we often recommend to our clients is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s website or NARI for short. A hub for all things related to remodeling, NARI’s website is an excellent place to get started. From image galleries abounding with inspiration …Read More

When You Should Remodel Instead of Move

It’s the age-old question that plagues homeowners, remodel or move? There’s no right or wrong answer, every family has different needs, and every home has varying advantages and drawbacks. While deciding whether or not to move is ultimately a deeply personal choice, we’d like to offer our expertise to anyone that’s still on the fence. Below we’ve gathered the top 4 factors we think homeowners should consider before opting to pull up stakes and move! Convenience. Remodeling certainly requires equal measures of patience and perspective, but moving is an entirely different animal. If you’ve lived in the same home for decades, moving is …Read More

When NOT to DIY: Projects Worth Calling in the Professionals

We live in an age of endless information, at a given moment any topic can be thoroughly researched on the internet. With all of this available knowledge, it can be tempting for homeowners to tackle projects that might be out of their depth. Certainly, there are plenty of updates and upgrades that are DIY friendly, but some can be difficult or even downright dangerous when attempted by a non-expert. The desire to save money is a legitimate one, but some projects are only best left to the professionals. Below are four home upgrades we’d advise approaching with prudence, and better …Read More

Creating a Home Office that Works for You

The home office is on the rise, according to the site Business to Community, one in every five people are estimated to be working from home at least one day a week. Working from home has a lot of benefits: a flexible schedule, lack of commute time, and an increased work/life balance. However, as wonderful as telecommuting can be, its virtues can easily be overshadowed by a bad home office. Whether it’s too cramped, dark, or disorganized, a poor environment can sour any blissful work from home plans. Looking to upgrade your current home office situation? Check out our tips below before …Read More

Remodel Planning: Improving Your Home’s Flow

Remodeling is about more than updated styles and elevated finishes; it’s about improving the usability, function, and value of your home. Your finished project shouldn’t only leave you with more beautiful spaces; it should transform your home, fix problem areas, and make your everyday life better. A core purpose of design is to make tasks easier through thoughtful and creative solutions – isn’t that the attitude you want informing your remodel? One key aspect that determines any home’s functionality is its layout. Few design elements are more glaring than a clunky flow; a poor floor plan is just plain awkward to …Read More

How Universal Design Can Benefit Your Home

Do you have a long-term home plan? Will you downsize to a smaller place or move closer to the family? Or perhaps you plan to stay put in your current home for the long haul? Whichever option suits your lifestyle, there are important design elements to consider no matter what style or size home you retire in. If you’re house-hunting with your golden years in mind, it’s vital to find a home that accommodates all physical abilities. Think about the accessibility of each space as you enter it. Ask yourself, would this home be practical if I become less mobile? Or a …Read More

Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. The initial reaction you have when encountering a new place is enduring – for better or for worse. Like it or not, it’s human nature for what’s on the outside to influence what we think about what’s on the inside. At no time is this dynamic more evident than the search for a new home. A potential buyer could fall in love with the interior of your home; the space could even be ideally suited to their needs. But, if the outside isn’t up to par the chance of them even looking at your home, let alone …Read More

A Kitchen Designed with Aging in Mind

There are a few key elements to consider when designing an aging-in-place kitchen either for yourself or someone you love. The goal is to create an aesthetically appealing kitchen that’s also functional for the aging adult. Here are a few ideas to consider to help older adults live comfortably in their home as they age. Faucet Fixtures. Consider installing lever handles or touch technology facets, which are easier for older adults to use and operate on a daily basis. Countertop Height. Install a countertop with a height of about 28” – 32” instead of the standard 36”. Don’t forget to …Read More

2016 Kitchen Trends | Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen trends are just that – trends! Some you may love and want to incorporate into your kitchen, and some may just not be your style. Regardless, who doesn’t love reading about what’s new?! 1. Lighting. From functional to decorative lighting, it all counts in the kitchen! Homeowners want more than standard ceiling lights. Big pendant lights made of metal, basket, steel, recycled materials and more are making a big statement in kitchens these days. Usually located over the island, these lights add a wow factor to any room. A well thought out lighting plan is essential to all kitchen …Read More